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“The FT is a catalyst to conversations, it can act as a spark. We look for potential connections when reading a story in the FT and then discuss with colleagues and clients to see what might come from that. "- Paul Lewis, partner, capital markets practice, Linklaters
“Clients are asking advisers to deliver a more commercial assessment of risk and they want a view on future risks. You can’t achieve this without a good level of commercial awareness.”Global Head of Knowledge and Information, Linklaters
“Advisors tend to focus on the technical aspects - great advisors have the big picture that benefits clients. This comes from being widely read using the FT.”Partner, Financial Services, US
“The FT provides context for client conversations and advice. Our clients don’t want to talk about the law, they want to talk about their business, so it’s important that we remain well informed about the context.”John Tucker, Partner, Banking Practice, Linklaters
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